IT infrastructure usage rules

HIT,Nidasoshi IT Infrastructure usage policy rules

  • Whom this document concerns:All users of IT infrastructure at HIT,Nidasoshi.
  • Reason for policy:This policy outlines the responsible use of the IT Infrastructure @ HIT campus.
  • Statement of policy:All users of HIT Nidasoshi will be subject to the following acceptable use policies:

NETWORK: User will be held responsible for all the network traffic generated by the computer. He should understand that the network capacity is a shared resource.He/She should agree that physically tampering of network resources is strictly prohibited.Damage if any and in any form to IT-infrastructure at HIT,Nidasoshi shall be recovered by the concern users.

ACADEMIC USE: User should understand that the IT-Infrastructure at HIT, Nidasoshi is only for acadamic use and should not be used for any commercial purpose or to host data services for other people or groups.

IDENTITY: User should not attempt to deceive others about his identity in electronic communication or network traffic to threaten intimidate or to harass others.

MONITORING: User should understand that the IT resources provided to them are subject to monitoring with cause as determined through consultation with the HIT Nidasoshi administration, when applicable.

VIRUSES: User should maintain his/her computer on this network with current virus detection software and current updates of the operating system and should attempt to keep his/her computer free from viruses,worms,trojans and other similar programs.

SECURITY: User should understand that he/she will not take any step that endanger the security of the HIT,Nidasoshi network, specifically should not attempt to bypasss firewalls and acess rules in place. Any wireless network on campus, which poses a security threat, may be disconnected from the campus backbone network.

PENALTIES: User should understand that any use of IT-infrastructure at HIT,Nidasoshi that constitutes a violation of HIT Nidasoshi regulations could result in administrative or disciplinary procedures.

INTERFERENCE: No campus user may establish or operate an 802.11-type device that interferes with HIT-WiFi devices. That is, you're not allowed to fire up your own wireless access point if its signals overlap with the signals from ours(For ex: by using Connectify Me). If found, such device will be deactivated atleast for 3 months.

NO BRIDGING: Under no circumstances may anyone connect to the WiFi network a device that is configured to bridge network traffic(For ex: by using Connectify Me). Similarly, users are forbidden from using the WiFi network while attached to any other network.

JUST COMPUTERS: The only devices permitted on the WiFi network without prior express written permission are computers (laptops). Video game units, wireless routers, access points and all other devices are strictly prohibited.

NO PASSWORD SHARING: Users must not reveal their login information (Username and password) to anyone for any reason. If you need your own login (if you have forgotten), contact the WiFi Co-ordinator.

VIOLATIONS: Violation of any of the rules mentioned above may lead the user device to be removed from the network completely or deactivated atleast for 3 months or may undergo any other type of punishment.

That said, we do hope you enjoy using this system for legitimate purposes and abide by all the rules and regulations of IT-infrastucture usage.

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