Central Library and Information Center

Central Library

This unique Library is housed in a spacious and well planned building. The total plinth area of library being 528 sq.ft. It is furnished with up to date furniture and modern lighting arrangements. The Library has, at present, about 32,442 books. As many as 39 journals periodicals on different disciplines of engineering are subscribed. The library is kept open on all working days from 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. On Saturdays and during vacations the working hours will be from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m

Students Book Bank

We follow the open accessed system, thus providing two Student's Book Bank (SBB) are given to all students for a period of six months and also the period of loan will be 15 days including the day of issue for students. For teaching and non teaching staffs books are issued for a period of six months A book can be renewed for further one term, if the book is not being reserved by any one. Thus a student can keep a book for a maximum of one month and a staff can keep for a maximum period of one year. If a member wishes to keep the book after one renewal he/she has to present the book in the library and get it reissued (if available), after keeping the book in the Stockroom for one week.


The section also deals with the procurement of books and other documents such as Print Journals, e-journals, CDs etc. An amount of approximately Rs. 15,00,000.00 is spent every year on procurement of documents. All the documents are procured on the basis of recommendations received from the Heads od the Departments. The library also provides facilities in Audio-Video learning system. Bound volumes are also available for student reference. Fitting with the new millenium, facilities of E-Mail Internet, retrieval of journals and text books and conferencing with other research and academic institutions world-wide have been added with 15 computer sets and capacity of 20 is targeted in near future. Facilities offered by our Digital Library are Communication through Email, Chat, Voice Message, Voice Mail, Browsing of World Web Online Journals, which the College has subscribed, reference books online, Journal Search, Practice Guidelines etc.

List of Printed Journals

Computer Science & Engineering

  • •  Indian Journal of Advanced Computer Science and     Technology
  • •  Indian Journal of Computer Engineering and Networks
  • •  Indian Journal of Computing and High Speed Networks 
  • •  Journal of Neural Computing System Journal of Advanced    research in Computer Engineering
  • •  Journal of Software Engineering and Technology 

Electronics & Communication Engineering

  •  •  Indian Journal of Electronic Engineering and     Communication Research
  •  •  Indian Journal of Circuits, Devices and Systems
  •  •  High Performance Communication Systems and     Networking
  •  •  Journal of Microwave Science and Technology
  •  •  Journal of Micro Engineering and Nano     Electronics
  •  •  Journal of Smart Systems and Technology

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

  •  •  Indian Journal of Advances in Electrical Engineering
  •  •  Indian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Modern     Technology
  •  •  Journal of Energy Storage and Conversion
  •  •  Indian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer     Engineering
  •  •  Journal of Innovation in Electrical and Computer     Engineering
  •  •  International Journal of Electrical Engineering Systems     Researchs


    Applied Science

    •  •  Indian Journal of Mathematics Research (Mathematics)
    •  •  International Journal of Chemical Engineering (Physics)
    •  •  Journal of Crystallization Physics and Chemistry     (Chemistry)

Mechanical Engineering

  •  •  Indian Journal of Engineering Research and     Technolog
  •  •  Indian Journal of Engineering and Manufacturing     Science
  •  •  Indian Journal of Advanced Material Science
  •  •  Indian Journal of Mechanics and Thermodynamics
  •  •  Indian Journal of Mechanical Engineering and     Research
  •  •  Indian Journal of Material Science and     Technology
  •  •  Indian Journal of Industrial Engineering and     Technology
  •  •  Journal of modern manufacturing     Technology
  •  •  Journal of Mechanics and MEMS (JMM)
  •  •  Journal of Metallurgical Engineering
  •  •  International Journal of Advanced in Thermal     Science and Engineering
  •  •  International Journal of Manufacturing Technology     and Industrial Engineering
Digital Library

The HIT Engineering Library has the distinction of being the fully automated College Library. All the processes and services are carried out using computers. Koha is the intergrated software used in the library for its automated activities which also provide web OPAC all its users to search the books online.

Internet services are provided as a part of this section. This section also provides many information services like new additions alert service, sending e-mail alerts to the newsgroup created from the members etc. The Library is also a member of DELNET. Members can access all the online databases of DELNET with the assigned user name and password (Available with Librarian).

E - Journals

● SPRINGER - MECHANICAL - http://link.springer.com/

● Mc Graw Hill  - http://subs.sams.mhp.semcs.net/

● J-GATE - http://www.j-gate.informindia.co.in/

● ASTM DIGITAL LIBRARY - http://enterprise.astm.org/

● DELNET  - http://www.delnet.nic.in/

● IEEE - http://www.ieeexplore.ieee.org/

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