Electronics & Communication Engineering


“To be the centre of excellence in providing education in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering to produce technically competent and socially responsible engineering graduates.”


“Educating students to prepare them for professional competencies in the broader areas of the Electronics and Communication Engineering field by inculcating analytical skills, research abilities and encouraging culture of continuous learning for solving real time problems using modern tools”.

Program Educational Objectives(PEOs)

The graduates will be able to:


Acquire core competence in Applied Science, Mathematics, and Electronics and Communication Engineering fundamentals to excel in professional carrier and higher study.


Design, Demonstrate and Analyze the Electronic Systems which are useful to society.


Maintain Professional and Ethical values, Employability skills, Multidisciplinary approach and an Ability to realize Engineering issues to broader social contest by engaging in lifelong learning.

About Department:

The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering was started in the year 1996 as one among the four disciplines of Engineering in the Institute.
The Department is having well experienced and qualified faculty members having good knowledge of both industry and academics. The Department has 8 lab namely AE Lab, LD Lab, Advanced Communication Lab, AC+LIC Lab, VHDL/VLSI Lab, PE Lab & MC/DSP Lab with good quality instruments and latest versions of licensed software, digital CROs & signal generators. Air-Conditioned VLSI Design Lab with latest versions of communication equipments is established where the students can get real time knowledge of the subjects and develop themselves to face the challenges of the industry.
The Department is having an Association of Students & Staff called ECSA (Electronics & Communication Students & Staff Association). The sole purpose of the Association is to bring out the hidden talents (technical & non- technical) of the students by organizing different department level activities.
Students counseling is conducted on regular basis and students performance in I A tests as well as attendance status is communicated to their parents/guardians for the purpose of constant monitoring.

NameDr. Veeresh G. Kasabegoudar
DesignationProfessor and H.O.D
QualificationB.E, M.Tech,Ph.D
Experiance21.4 Years of Experience
Phone 08333-278902 Read More »
Name Dr. Shilpa B Shrigiri
DesignationAssociate Professor
QualificationB.E, M.Tech,Ph.D
Experiance14.5 Years of Experience
Phone +91-9844168942 Read More »
Name Mr. Mahesh M. Gadag
DesignationAssistant Professor
QualificationB.E, M.Tech
Experiance28.5 Years of Experience
Email-Id maheshgadag.ece@hsit.ac.in
Phone +919986850734 Read More »
NameMrs. S. S. Kamte
DesignationAssistant Professor
QualificationB.E, M.Tech
Experiance15 Years of Experience
Email-Id sskamate.ece@hsit.ac.in
Phone +919008696825 Read More »
Name Mr. S. B. Akkole
Designation Assistant Professor
QualificationB.E, M.Tech
Experiance 23.3 Years of Experience
Phone+919480422508 Read More »
Name Mrs. S. S. Malaj
DesignationAssistant Professor
QualificationB.E, M.Tech
Experiance20.7 Years of Experience
Phone +919731795803 Read More »
Name Mr. D. M. Kumbhar
DesignationAssistant Professor
QualificationB.E, M.Tech
Experiance13.10 Years of Experience
Phone +917353545488 Read More »
Name Mr. S. S. Patil
DesignationAssistant Professor
QualificationB.E, M.Tech
Experiance13.8 Years of Experience
Email-Id sachinpatil.ece@hsit.ac.in
Phone +919448102010 Read More »
Name Mr. N. M. Patel
DesignationAssistant Professor
QualificationB.E, M.Tech
Experiance12.4 Years of Experience
Phone +919739619661 Read More »
Name Mr. D. B. Madihalli
DesignationAssistant Professor
QualificationB.E, M.Tech
Experiance10.7 Years of Experience
Email-Id dbmadihalli.ece@hsit.ac.in
Phone +919902854324 Read More »
Name Mr. P. V. Patil
DesignationAssistant Professor
QualificationB.E, M.Tech
Experiance5.4 Years of Experience
Phone +919731104059 Read More »
Name Mr. S. S. Itannavar
DesignationAssistant Professor
QualificationB.E, M.Tech
Experiance4.11 Years of Experience
Phone +919964299498 Read More »
NameMrs. Pratima Khot
DesignationAssistant Professor
QualificationB.E, M.Tech
Experiance1.11 Years of Experience
Phone +919448238912 Read More »
Technical Supporting Staff
Name Mr.P. S. Desai
NameMr. A. K. Talawar
QualificationM.Sc(Ph.D),PG P.M.I.R.
Name Mr. V. V. Guruwodeyar
Name Mr. S. A. Attar
Peons and Helpers
NameShri. C. S. Sooji      
NameShri. B. D. Gurav          
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