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Sl.No Name of the Department Year of Research Centre No. of Eligible Guides Total No. of Candidates Registered
1 Mechanical Engineering 2014-15 3 3
2 Electronics & Communication Engineering 2018-19 2 0
3 Electrical & Electronics Engineering 2018-19 0 0
4 Engineering Chemistry 2018-19 1 2

Guides List
Sl.No Name of Guides Department Read More
1 Dr. S. C. Kamate, Professor & Principal . ME Click Here
2 Dr. S. A. Alur,Professor . ME Click Here
3 Dr. B. M. Shrigiri, Professor ME Click Here
4 Dr. V. G. Kasabegoudar, Professor ECE Click Here
5 Dr. S. B. Shrigiri, Associate Professor ECE Click Here
6 Dr. P. C. Baraki, Professor CSE Click Here
7 Dr. M. S. Hanagadakar, Associate Professor First Year Click Here

Research scholars
Status Of Completion of
Sl.No Name of the Research Scholar Year of Registration Research Topic Course Work[Y/N] Comprahensive Viva Voce[Y/N] Submited Final Thesis[Y/N]
1 Mahantesh Shivashimpi Dec-2014 Effect of Combustion Chamber Shapes, Injector Nozzle Geometry and EGR on the Performance and emission characteristics of single cylinder biodiesel fuelled C.I Engine Yes Yes No
2 Kumar Chougala Dec-2014 Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Pressure, Heater Shape and Modified Surfaces on Pool Boiling Heat Transfer using Suitable Nanofluids Yes No No
3 Malagouda Patil. Nov-2015 Experimental Investigation and Computational Analysis of Cooling Methods for Solar Photovoltaic Panel No No No
3 Dananjay Lambre. 2015 Yes No No
3 Amol Satpute 2015 Yes No No

  • Product VCR Engine test setup 1 cylinder,4 Stroke,Diesel (computerized),Product Code-234.
  • Engine make kirloskar,Type 1 Cylinder,4 Stroke Diesel,water cooled,power 3.5 kw at 1500 rpm,stroke 110mm,bore 87.5 mm.661 cc,CR 17.5, Modified to VCR Engine, CR range 12-18
  • Dynamometer type eddy current, water cooled with loading unit
  • Software "EnginesoftLV" Ebgine Performance analysis software
  • Overall Dimension W 2000 X D 2500 X H 1500 mm

  • Principle: NDIR ( Non dispersive infrared technology )
  • Gas measured CO2,CO,HC and O2 ( Electrochemical sensor)
  • Measuring Range CO(0 to 10% Volume) : CO2(0 to 20% Volume) , HC(0 – 15000 PPM Vol),O2 (0 to 25% Volume )
  • Resolution CO(0 .01%) : CO2(0.1%) , HC(1 PPM),O2(0.01%)
  • Gas flow rate 1500 ml/min
  • Operating time 1 .Pressure : 860 hpa to 1060 hpa 2. Humidity : 0 to 90 % 3. Temperature : 5 degree C to 45 degree C
  • Response time < 15 secs
Bio-Diesel Production Plant (5 to 10 Litres per batch)

  • Trans-esterification Reactor: S.S 304,15 Liters volume Trans-esterificaton reactor with S.S Electric heating coil of 0.5KW, Thermo well with thermometer, S.S liquid flow indicator, Reaction view port, Reaction pressure indicator, Charge/Loading port, Polypropylene circulation pump for liquid transfer and Uniform mixing Reaction test cork, safety valve, etc.
  • Washing and drying vessel: Washing inlet and outlet and drain valves and drying vessel in SS 304with 15 liters volume Bio-Diesel with top lid and bottom cone. The vessel is fitted with 0.5KW SS heating-coil, thermo meter.
  • M.S Structure: The structure is a angular structure to mount reactor and equipment’s. This structure is specially designed in the form of a portable skid.If required, the structure can be transported to different sites.
  • Reflux Condenser: S.S 304 Vapor condensing tubes in M.S Body, water inlet & outlet, vapor inlet & condensate outlet with control valve and pipelines like Final vent, Pressure indicating gauge, Vapor inlet, Water inlet & outlet Condensate outlet
  • Hot water tank:Hot water tank with 20 liters holding capacity equipped with 1.5KW heating-coil, water inlet & outlet, over flow, drain control valves, temperature indicating thermometer mounted on a M.S Stand connected with flexible washing shower
  • Electric control panel:A traditional electric control panel with single phase/ heating system equipped with indicators, volts and amps meter
Titration Kit of Bio Diesel Plant

  • Titration Kit: B-Beaker lowform 250ml Boro lab, B-Beaker lowform 100ml Boro lab, F-Conical flask250ml Boro lab, Conical Flask 100 ml, T-Thermometer 10’ C TO 110’ C, H-Hydro meter Range: 0.7 TO 1.0, J-Measuring jug 2ltr Poly Propylene, J-Measuring jar 500 ml Poly Propylene, Test tube 25*150 mm (3 Nos), Burette stand with clips, P-Phenolphthalein solution 125ml P40871, I-Isopropyl alcohol 500ml. I11129, Indicator paper ph 0-14Nice I-40656, Heating mantel-250 ml, Graduated glass measuring cylinder 10 ml.
Smoke meter

  • Measurement range: Absorption 0-99.99 m-1, Opacity 0-100%.
  • Resolution: Absorption 0.01m-1 Opacity 0.1% Better than +/- 0.1m-.
  • Operating temperature : 0OC-50OC. Calibration: Automatic
  • Linearity Check: Around 50% of measurement range at the press of key/lever.
  • Measurement length: 430mm +/- 5mm,Dimension: 600x260x370mm. (W X H X D). Weight: Approximately 22 Kg s. Power supply: AC 190-240V AC 50. DC 11 V-36V DC within built inverter. Printer: Built in impact printer with provision for multiple print out. Computer interface: RS 232 serial interface to operate on PC for communicating data. Display: Digital, Clear and visible in all natural conditions.
  • Approval: A.R.A.I. Pune. Results compatibility: Measurement results are fully compatible with Hatridge Smoke Units (HSU). Range/Accuracy/Resolution: The Device should have Calibration for low and high speed with indication. The device should calibrate before each free acceleration test.
Oil Expeller

  • Oil Expeller:5-10Kgs per hour oil expeller along with bag filter and accessories
Wind Tunnel with test section of (300x300x1000) mm

  • Technical Specification: Type : Open Type Wind Tunnel.
    Test Section : 300 X 300 X 1000mm
    Blower Fan/Axial fan : 5 Blades Aluminum Dia Cast Fan.
    Motor : 3 H.P. AC Induction Motor. 2880 Rpm., 440 V / 15 Amp.
    Controller : LG Make / Delta Make. Wind Speed in Test Section: 30 M/sec by Suitable Blower Fan/Axialfan.
    Duct : Manufactured Out Of Fiber Glass With Inside Smooth Finish .
    Length Of Tunnel : 4.2 Meter Approx.
    Air Length : 9.5 Meter.
    Contraction Ratio : 9:1
  • Instrumentation : Two Component Digital Force Indicator with Strain Gauge Balance.
  • Measuring Capacity : Lift Force Up To 25 Kg. Drag Force Up To 10kg.
  • Multitube Manometer : Acrylic/Galss 400mm Height, 500mm Width (approx) 12 Tubes, 6mm, Dia 0 - 45 Inclination With Vertical Axis.
  • Micromanometer : 50mm
  • Micropitot Tube : 15cm. Long Along With Micrometer 0-25mm.
  • Anemometer : 10-30 M/sec.
The e-Yantra Embedded System and Robotics Lab

  • e-YantraThe research flat form ‘The e-Yantra Embedded System Lab’ has been created in collaboration with IIT Bombay, MHRD, New Delhi and National Education through Information and Communication Technologies, New Delhi to develop innovative projects.
  • Technical Specification: Firebird V 2560 with ATMEGA 2560 processor, IR proximity sensor,IR Range sensor 60X2 character LCD display, 2.4 GHz wireless Zigbee, Servomotor support.
The TPED Digital library
Research Center Lab